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Terms of service for Home Spa Cornwall


Please be reassured that the safety and wellbeing of clients and therapists is of the most importance. Focusing on your Wellbeing and Health, providing a safe working environment.


Please ensure you can provide parking (a space or on the road close by) for your therapist as they will be arriving with heavy equipment. If you’re unsure please call to check on 07525 852231. If no parking is available your therapist regretfully may not be able to go ahead with your booking.


We have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place, any cancellations within 24 hours of the treatment start time will be charged at 50% of the treatment price (Unless you’re able to reschedule). Cancellations on the same day will incur a full charge (including if terms of service are not met).


The Therapists will endeavour to arrive on time or up to 10 mins prior to treatment start time, but there will be occasions where the traffic is bad (especially during peak season), and although they always leave plenty of time for travel this is sometimes out of their control. Your therapist will be in touch if they think they’ll be late so they can keep you in the loop.

Not all Therapists are insured to treat under 18's, please don't book under 18's in via the online booking form, instead contact Home Spa Cornwall to check availability. If your therapist arrives for this treatment they may not be able to carry it out and regretfully you may still be charged.  


Please allow 15 minutes either side of your treatment time for the therapist to set up/down their couch.


Any questions please feel free to email on:

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