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Temp Spa Therapists

The majority of Home Spa Therapists are also available to be booked on a temporary basis to work within Spas and Salons across Cornwall.


Temporary Professionals | We offer Spa Therapists as Temporary Cover across Cornwall

We can find you temporary staff for just the 1 day, also on more of a long term regular basis to meet the demands of your business.

Offering fully trained Therapists, with more than two years of experience, fully trade tested and to meet your specific business needs.

With no joining or monthly fees, only pay for the actual therapist hours booked.

We provide:

Temporary Staff to cover sickness; holidays


Part time or weekend cover


Last minute busy day of bookings? Open another column and get a temp therapist in

Having a team of permanent therapists sitting around waiting for bookings is not always the most cost effective way of running your business and many companies are now choosing to supplement a smaller team of permanent staff with reliable temps.

We meet our temps in person and conduct a trade test consisting of massage; nail paint and waxing. We verify their eligibility to work in the UK as well as their qualifications and training.

Holidays: Book our temps in advance when your staff take holidays or are on maternity leave






Sickness: We will provide last minute cover for sickness






Last minute bookings: Don’t turn down those last minute booking requests, open another      column and get a temp Therapist in




For more info see our dedicated Temporary Therapists Website:


Call us on 07525 852231, or email to find out more

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